Cody Hunt is an artist and filmmaker currently residing in Kansas City and is also a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute, Class of 2014. Cody prominently works as both a filmmaker/videographer and also as a traditionalist artist with an emphasis on charcoal portraiture and design. Within his filmmaking career, he most identifies himself as a director and cinematographer. Cody’s specializes in a naturalistic modern cinematography and heightened realism with his body of work. Themes often attributed to his films is identity, coming of age, and realism. Cody is always seeking to find new and exciting ways to tell visually compelling stories in the ever-growing video landscape.


Cody Hunt

Artist I Filmmaker

My Process

  • PLAN

  • FILM

  • EDIT


I makes films because I want to connect with people by telling stories. I want to convey ideas and I want to leave a tangible piece of myself behind for whenever I’m no longer on this earth; 24 frames a second, all screaming, “I was here.”


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